Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Been Busy

Just got back from a conference. There's been lots of going on at work, too. So I'm really behind at work and it's stressing me out!

Conference was okay. Very nice lodging and great food for conference food. Was glad to get home though. And Eienstein was glad to see me, too!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Relay for Life

Friday night was Relay for Life.

The best part was seeing old friends back together again. Our close-knit group of workers and friends-of-friends from when I was in the Visitor Center made up the original team. It was nice to be together again. In addition to everyone still on campus, Caroline and Kim drove in from Austin. Blake drove in from Round Rock. I really wish Ericka could have come in from Corsicana.

The second best part was probably the fact that our team ranked top in raising money. I don't know -- once we were in the lead, I got very competitive and really wanted to stay there. I really am proud of how hard all the team members worked on it. And let me add for contributors who might be reading this, a hearty Thank You.

I actually had two teams. I could have ended up combining them if I had not adhered to the guidelines of how many you could have on a team. The number I had signed up sadly did not reflect the number who actually showed. It happens though. Things come up: the chance to visit with a family member who is in the military before they leave; new responsibilities from getting an internship with a major league soccer team; major exams to study for; and some just don't show.

Extremely bad weather was predicted. After a generous offer from the local hometown mall, the relay was moved indoors and we did the relay mall-walker style. There were things that were better (you could have food and sodas at your campsite; the bathrooms were close by; temperature controled) but going back to the college campus football stadium/field would allow it to grow bigger and build on the fact that it is a student sponsored event. Wonder what it will be like next year.

I was home in bed by 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning since they dimissed a little early. The drive home was hard after being up all night and I was really glad to see my bed. Slept until 4:00 p.m. that afternoon. Went and got a pizza. Came back home and nodded off while watching Saturday evening tv and finally gave up and went to bed. When I got up at 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning, I felt all stiff and sore and achey. I was pretty worthless all day and didn't get much of anything accomplished. Did tidy up my photo files some. But that's it. Hope to add some photos of Relay soon.

Waitflix Delivers!

I mailed a Netflix movie in on Tuesday (from inside the downtown post office) and there was a new movie in my mail box on Thursday. This is my fourth movie and each of the three previous took one week each. So it is possible to get a movie in 2 or 3 days! My current theory is that the first two were released that week and had to come from another location; and the third was an old obscure classic that had to come from another location. Could be?

Coincidentally, I was tapping my foot waiting on the first three because I had all this spare time and really wanted a movie to watch. Now with the one that came so fast? It's three days later and I may finally get around to watching it today. Been really busy. Guess this is where the "keep it as long as you want" part pays off.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

What's Up With This Weather?

It was sleeting a while ago. Gonna be some chilly willies in their new flimsy, springy Easter dresses tomorrow.

I Forgot To Get Coffee

You could hear me muttering when I went to make coffee this morning. I had already put water in the coffee maker before I remembered. Grumble.

And then I did something I rarely do. I made a trip to town just to buy some. It's only five miles but I do try to be conservative with resources and not be running the roads. Having grown up in rural America living 15 to 30 miles from town, I learned the value of making one trip, getting what you need when you pass through town.

But coffee. Man, I reeeeally wanted some.

So to try to make the trip worthwhile, I bought gas. Yes, with cash. Just can't help but shake my head at how expensive it is. I know our gas in East Texas is cheaper than other parts of the country, but still.

I found myself comparing how much per gallon I was paying today to how much it used to cost. Self serve gas had not been around very long when I started driving and usually a man would offer to put the gas in when I pulled up anyway. Being Miss Independent, I would refuse. Today, I might accept. My independence is proven and my laziness component is as big as ever.

Gas cost about 29 cents a gallon then. How much did gas cost when you started driving?

I Had A Pang

My Waitflix movie finally came in. I picked it up and stopped by the pizza place and picked up my pizza. It was a cold, blustery day and as I reached for the car door handle, I had that flash of those many chilly Saturdays I'd go to town and pick up a movie and a pizza or whatever and then Gene and I would spend a companionable afternoon watching said movie. After one year, six months, and thirteen days you still don't know when your heart will tighten up and tears will sting your eyes. But those feelings don't come as often. And those pangs are different than remembering. And they almost always come when I am alone.

It's been long enough that remembering doesn't hurt. And it's quite nice, too. Not long ago, I sent a package to Barrie's little girl for her birthday. Barrie related to me that whenever she'd open up a package sent from my house she would smell Gene's cigar smoke on it. This time it wasn't there and she found that she "longed" for him, even more than just missing someone. I surprised myself by my reaction. I got a really, really big grin on my face. I was so pleased that someone else missed Gene besides me. I've had people concerned for me, but not too much conversation about Gene. I've been told that people are just afraid to mention him for fear it will make me sad. And it might have for the first few months, but now I just feel like I'm the only one (except Barrie, of course) that misses him.

(Update on May 6 about hearing from people on Gene's birthday that made me smile, too.)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rock - Paper - Scissors

This childhood game is such a handy little device for making decisions, settling disputes, and general entertainment, such as the national championships broadcast on A&E from Las Vegas.

My friend, Stewart, and I have had a virtual tournament going on for more than two years now. Every once in a while when we see each other online, we'll send an Instant Message to see if the other has time for a couple of rounds. It's quick fun.

A typical message might go like this:

me: best 2 out of 3?
him: absolutely
me: ok here we go
(we pause)

me: 1
me: 2
me: 3

me: s
him: p


me: 1
me: 2
me: 3

me: s
him: p

me: LOL
him: i'll get you next time, gadget!
me: you can try

Of course this wouldn't work without complete trust that the other is hitting the r, p, or s key at the same time as you. And ending with some challenge, threat, or trash talkin' flourish adds to the fun.

Granted, I used this example BECAUSE I WON. As you can see I chose the Repeat Selection ploy as counterpoint to his expected use of Choose-the-implement-that-would-trump-the-thing-that-would-trump-your-opponent's-last-choice gambit, him thinking I would move up the chain to the next powerful implement.

Well, probably not cause we're just playing for funsies.

Check out the World RPS Society website LINK. I think you might be surprised how serious these people are about RPS!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Okay. I decided to give Waitflix a try. I got the $10 as-many-as-you-want-a-month-as-long-as-it-is-one-at-a-time plan. No worries for them at the rate I'm getting my movies. I signed up on a Sunday and got my first one on Thursday. Dropped it in the mail on Monday and got the next one full week later. I'm within 100 miles of one of their distribution sites so I'm hoping that these first two took so long because they were new releases and had to come from some distant place. If things don't speed up after this with the older movies on my list, I will have to abandon the Netflix idea. Before you ask, yes I know that Blockbuster has a better deal because you can take them in and get a new movie. Alas, there is no Blockbuster in my daily path, nor do I go near one. Thanks for the option, tho. I might consider it someday.


Had to stop for gas on the way home today. It's finally pleasant enough weather to not mind going in and paying my $20 for my 8 gallons of gas. I wish that $20 would still fill up the car. Guess I'll have to start taking more in.

I really do want to avoid using the gas credit card and with the more temperate weather, it's much easier to accomplish. When that sharp north wind is bearing down and I find myself hunkering down behind the pump while the tank fills up, that's when I really enjoy the convenience of paying at the pump.

So now I'm all about paying cash everytime. Of course, the weather is still really nice. I may think differently this summer when it's so hot I fear the sun could shoot a ray through my thick glasses and ignite the fumes.
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