Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too Funny

Eienstein just thought he was settled in for the night. I was listening to some bird calls on THIS site. Started with the Cardinal and the cat went to the window sill and peered into the dark. Next, I played the Red-Tailed Hawk and he immediately looked up. Well, he was looking up at the ceiling of the living room but he instinctively looked up. Then I played about six more random ones and he finally just sat in the other window sill with a dead stare fixed on me. Yep, he had it figured that it was something I was doing. I've moved on to quieter pursuits and he's still stretched out in the window sill fake dozing. But every once in a while I see him open his eyes and peek at the ceiling. hehe


Okay, I guess this is my first Meme. If someone has more time than me and wants to look through my previous posts and prove me wrong, then get after it! But I have been tagged by Yellow Turtle and here goes.

The rules are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules here
3. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself
4. Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, linking to them.
5. Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged.

- I have thrown a sleeping bag down on the ground in the desert and slept under the open sky more than once.

- I have changed the brake shoes on a 1964 Dodge Dart.

- My house has no door knobs.

- Instead of getting a song stuck in my head, I get a word. And most of the time it's no particular word for any discernable reason. It pops up all day. A couple of days ago, the word was rapacious. One day last week, the word was turgid but I felt really stupid later in the day when I realized the meaning I was associating with it was the one for turbid. Well, I did have beans the day before.

- I have a reputation of having random items in my office or desk. Need a bit of string? I have a five pound ball of it. I also have a rubber chicken and a King's Cake Baby. Need a map of downtown San Angelo? A vinyl tablecloth with a tropical design? How about a giant one gallon clear plastic jar full of photographs? And YES, I do have a Slinky on my desk (no one can resist!) I also have a rock from Central Park, Strawberry Fields. And I took a compass and marked North on the glass on my desktop with a magic marker. Everyone needs to know where magnetic north is! This could go on and on. Maybe I'll just do an Inventory of Odd someday and post it. But until then, if you run into me and I've got my purse, ask to see my buckeye. I'll have it but there'll most likely be something random in there, too.

- I like to walk around while I brush my teeth. And if it is an especially pretty day, I like to walk outside and look around.

- When I'm in a group of people, I sometime yawn on purpose just to see the chain reaction.

I’ll tag only four -- Jayne, BrunoBaby, JMB, and Lattégirl -- because all the other people I would have tagged got tagged with me (Saxophonin’ Gnome, No Narcissus, and Imaginekb.) Maybe I should expand my blog network for the purpose of Meme's. Actually, I wish some of my readers would get on the bandwagon and start a blog!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Took a while to make it to work today but I finally made it around 10 o'clock. One roadblock in my way was that flat tire. There were other things but it would just sound like complaining if I listed them all here.

Here are some nice things I can tell you about today though:

- a dewberry bush in bloom that was up on a hill that had long arching branches/stalks that were about ten feet long. Quite lovely.

- 67 degrees and breezy

- flock of seagulls on the lake

- the nice guys who were hauling a lowboy and took time out of their day to turn around and come back and help me with my tire.

- and this ....

... the view out my window at work. Blue skies and azaleas in bloom. Not bad, not bad.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After Church On Easter Sunday


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Exerpt From My IM With Jayne

Sometimes you just need to vent -

ME: I've GOT to clean off my desk, too... that's also driving me insane... and this WIND the past couple of days... AND the flickering light in my office!
ME: ok.. i think i MIGHT be through venting!
Jayne: hehe..go right ahead.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Internet Connection Severed

Ok, actually? It's only that it will be unavailable for the next 8 hours. I have plenty of other stuff to do. But I'm off work today and it would be nice to have that option, right? To waste some time online?

Not to totally lose my chance to waste time online, I have opened up multiple pages and let them load so I can sip coffee and do some morning reading even after my connection is gone. Which will be any second. So, good bye!

I Added An Entry For March 7

Scroll down to see a weather photo.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Me Wearing The New Glasses

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Saved

Daylight Savings Time started this weekend. Have I gotten them all? All the clocks that needed to be sprung forward?

I had good visits with Martha and Dad yesterday. It was really a gorgeous day. Dad and I talked about the wide-mouthed bass, Mutt & Jeff. I named them that not long after he had them mounted. Mutt looks like she weighed more but was only 11 lbs. 4 oz. But now on the other hand, Jeff was 11 lbs. and 12 oz. Dad said it took him 65 years of fishing to get that one. He kept trying to get that 12 pounder but after lots of 10 lb ones, he finally decided after catching Mutt that he might not have another 65 years left of fishing and took it directly to the taxidermist to complete the set.

For you younger readers, this is the original Mutt & Jeff.

Martha dusting our Jeff.

Today has been pretty quiet. A nice day. Watched a couple of movies and wasn't particulary blown away by either. The Darjeeling Limited and Don't Come Knocking.

Spent some time today with the calendar trying to map out the summer. I've got to take some vacation and have been thinking about that. Some of my days will be for getting repairs done on the house. May take some days here and there and maybe a few full weeks just for fun. I've racked up quite a bit of time.

The new episodes of tv shows will be starting soon since the writer's strike ended. I've really been trying not to add new shows to my tv watching schedule. Being a tv baby, I really like it and it really eats up the time. Now, some of those that fell off the list because of the strike are coming back and do I really have time to watch them all?

You know, my morning outlook and my evening outlook are so opposed. Morning has me thinking about all those projects and things I will work on when I get home from work; and evening has me thinking of how I really just want to relax. And of course, watch tv. If I didn't watch tv, would I do the projects? Or maybe I'd just start reading a novel instead? Is it the tv or is it just that my brain feels fried after hearing and dealing with all the work comotion all day.

So let's see. Although the last couple of movies I watched were not very inspiring, there are still lots I'd like to see. But say I waited until cold, dreary weekends of next winter to watch them, and say I cut down the tv watching to a bare minimum, and say I didn't start reading any novels, and say I continued to keep letting my magazine subscriptions run out, and say I quit working late and came home to work on those projects .... hmmmm, would the projects get done? Would I wake more refreshed because I was getting to bed at a decent hour and getting a proper amount of sleep because I wasn't staying up to all hours trying to get everything I recorded watched?

Oh! and let's not forget the time spent blogging and surfing the internet. I took a look at my blog and see I did pretty well in February, but not so much this month so far. Well, I'm thinking what it would be like to post only once or twice a month for a while. Maybe through the summer anyway.

Maybe I'll be so busy that once a month I'll have to take a minute, get out my calendar and relay all the fabulous projects I've completed and places I've gone. My friend, Jayne, recently pointed me in the direction of B.W.O. which sounds like a really good idea. So I hearby release myself from feeling obligated to post often or to feel guilty when there are big lapses.

Blogging Without Obligation logo.

I'm really going to be sleepy in the morning. Once again, while trying to post and add photos and all using dial-up, it's gotten later and later. I was wanting to put in a photo of Jeff, the fish. I know I have a picture of Martha dusting him but can't seem to find it and I'm really running out of steam. I took a picture of Mutt and Jeff with my phone but alas, no data cable and no spending of funds for data transfer, so can't use that. When I come across it, I'll make a point of posting it. He's a biggun'! (Now posted.)

Oh, and by the way ... the other day I wanted to take a picture out my work window of it snowing but it didn't work out. Too much going on and it'd really slowed down too much by the time I got there to have shown up well. But it did snow for a little while and with some big flakes and flurries, too.

Time to sign off until something or a collection of somethings exciting happen(s) ... or maybe I'll just be way too productive and feel obligated to just waste some time and babble on my blog. Until then, I hope this long narrative will do!


Friday, March 07, 2008

East Texas Style Snow

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