Friday, February 05, 2010


Came across this site the other day. Came back to it today now that I've got a minute to really look at it.

There is a weekly Friday giveaway and today's includes posting their button on your website.

Check it out. Directs you to many very creative and crafty bloggers.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Living With A History Expert

Dad told us the other day that the first drive-in bank in Texas was in Marshall.

Today, he helped me date a photograph from the museum. A street scene. He said most the cars looked like 1924 models but one had a spare tire on the back which would make it at least 1925. Before then if you had a flat you had to take it off and fix it on the spot. You carried a Monkey Grip Tire Repair Kit with you. In 1925 they started adding a detachable tire to the back.

Lots of his stories are family history or his personal history. But there's so much random stuff thrown in.

Along with identifying the 1925 cars, he also told me about the car windows made from "isinglass", a precurser of plastic made from celluloid.

Today at the museum, I decided on the arrangement of a set of photos on loan from the Big Thicket Preserve museum and will hang them tomorrow. They are fairly large black and white photos depicting life in the Big Thicket area in the 1930's and 1940's. Among them is a set of some people building a mud chimney.... just like Dad described to me years ago. Was interesting to see actual photos of the process.

So ends this ramble.
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