Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Haven't Deserted My Blog, I Promise

Just seems like I've been too busy to spend time updating my blog lately. But am going to make an effort to post more often. When I get time, I'll do a thorough update complete with photos.

Today at work, they gave me a new monitor. It is so big! A 24" monitor. Also got a laptop to use for work. It isn't lightweight, but has lots of bells and whistles and a big screen, too. Guess that's good for aging eyes.

Funny, I was thinking about the new laptop and had this impulse, "can't wait to show Gene when I get home." It will be one year next Tuesday and still have those fleeting thoughts. Hmmm.

I was feeling kinda sad yesterday morning when I came to work, but about thirty minutes into the morning, I noticed it looked like I was limping. Want to take a guess? Yes, I was wearing two black shoes but they were not a pair. It was too funny and we all had a good laugh. Certainly took my mind off of being sad. Thank goodness I had an actual pair of shoes that sort of worked that I'd left in the car. Sheeze!
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