Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Time Stories

Dad was telling me yesterday that his brother, Dean, had demusked a polecat when he was a kid and had this polecat as a pet. Dean dug a hole over to the side in the floor of the hearth which was clay and this polecat would curl up in this hole during the hot of the day. I was really surprised that his folks would've allowed a pet indoors. Dad said he'd already left home when this happened. He didn't know what it was named.

One time my grandfather had this polecat up in his lap feeding him peanuts. The housecat walked by and was none to happy to see the polecat. The polecat bowed up and Big Daddy reached out with his right hand to stroke his fur and tell him to calm down and not bother with the housecat. That skunk bit down on his left hand and wouldn't let go. He grabbed a good hold on the scruff of that polecat's neck and snapped it. Only then did he get his hand back from that toothsome grip. Really did some damage and took a long time to heal.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook Fast Over

Made a pact with a friend to take a little four-day break from Facebook just to see how much of a time-suck it really is. The results? Facebook didn't miss me.

So on with blogging. Starting out with a few photos from when I was playing with the new phone. Had to try out all those photo settings that I'll never use again. --

A train coming by the musuem.

The tracks by the museum.

Inside the museum.

This horse was part of a silent auction fundraiser in December. Location is the art gallery. Notice photos from the photo competition on the wall. My first show to hang there as curator. There was a record breaking 87 entries.

Here's the outside of the musuem.

The first city water well next door.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time Flies And So Do Ornithopters

So I really haven't posted much since the last of last year. Since then I've settled into retirement and my new part-time job. Had to decide on a new phone since my old carrier didn't work well here and my old phone really had to be replaced. I ended up with a Droid, a smart phone. I like the "smart" but the "phone" part is lacking.

Having the internet at hand at all times is nice. A little too nice, maybe? Got to where I was checking Facebook and Twitter way too often. Barrie and I made a pact to stay off Facebook until 5:00pm on Friday. I'll keep this short since the point was to stay away from those time consuming internet distractions and this is kind of related. But since I finally got logged in, I wanted to keep that password fresh in my mind. Besides, I've got to go watch American Idol. No wasting time there, right?

By the way, I figured out how to get photos from my phone, so I'll share a few and after Friday, will try to do some catching up for anyone how gives a fig.

I'm still taking photos of food. This chocolate pie was at Rao's Bakery.

Einstein has adjusted well and is comfortable in his new home.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Just getting logged in to make a post took forever. I haven't posted in a while and was not remembering my password. The internet connection is slow, etc.

I would love to be posting some photos from my phone but haven't gotten that figured out yet. Technology is making it hard on me today folks. At least I can log in again. And that's all I've got for today.
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