Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time Flies And So Do Ornithopters

So I really haven't posted much since the last of last year. Since then I've settled into retirement and my new part-time job. Had to decide on a new phone since my old carrier didn't work well here and my old phone really had to be replaced. I ended up with a Droid, a smart phone. I like the "smart" but the "phone" part is lacking.

Having the internet at hand at all times is nice. A little too nice, maybe? Got to where I was checking Facebook and Twitter way too often. Barrie and I made a pact to stay off Facebook until 5:00pm on Friday. I'll keep this short since the point was to stay away from those time consuming internet distractions and this is kind of related. But since I finally got logged in, I wanted to keep that password fresh in my mind. Besides, I've got to go watch American Idol. No wasting time there, right?

By the way, I figured out how to get photos from my phone, so I'll share a few and after Friday, will try to do some catching up for anyone how gives a fig.

I'm still taking photos of food. This chocolate pie was at Rao's Bakery.

Einstein has adjusted well and is comfortable in his new home.


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