Sunday, July 26, 2009

Old and New

Decided a quiet Sunday afternoon was a good time to come into town to work on moving to my recently assigned office at the other end of the building. To set a theme of Old to New, I met Jesse at the landmark Texan Cafe (established 1936) for lunch and then we went out to the BRAND NEW TARGET! Yep, we're moving up in the world around here!

Got a lot moved from old to new office but still have a couple of messes (stacks of papers, boxes) to clean up. Trying to take the opportunity to discard and organize. Tough order for a pack-rat like me! Had all I can stand for one day. Headed home!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Fun Little Break

Did a little photoshopping this afternoon (although I actually use Paint Shop Pro instead) -- click for a closer view.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Boston 2009

Just got back from a work conference in Boston. The weather was great. Nice and cool! Got lots of good information and still had time to see some sites.

Our group at the airport.

Mike Jones sighting at the airport.

Boston from the plane.


Columbus Park.

Tall ship week.

Lobby of hotel.

View from my room. Boo!

Attending sessions. We stayed at the conference hotel.

Flag in the JFK Presidential Library.

In Kennedy's own hand. Notes for speech. "Ich bin ein Berliner"

Irish band.

More live music.

Cheers. The fake Cheers. We got to go to the real Cheers two years ago.

Boston at night.

Subway ride.

It's a work trip. More sessions.

Here we are pretending to be going to a game but we were just hanging out.

More subway.

Boston Public Library.

Boston Public Library.

Boston Public Library courtyard.

Injured party.

Edible Garden at a church.

Nice day for the park. This one is between Trinity Church and the Public Library.

Street scene. Love the hanging baskets.

Fluer-dee-fluer-dee-fluer. I do like fluer di lis.

Tiffany windows.

Dark begonias and black pot make a good color combo.

Swan boats.

Yours truly.




Back to the library. Beautiful fountain in the courtyard.

Jordan at the Public Libary in the room with the Sargent murals.

Dessert at the conference Excellence Awards Dinner. Yum!

My account reps, Sara and Mark.

Conference friend - on right, Abe, (a.k.a. Hawaii) won the Peer Excellence award. First time for someone to win two years in a row.

My conference friends from Aberdeen.

They had an 80's band as entertainment after the awards banquet.

Last meal before we took off on return trip. Although we did swing by Ben & Jerry's after this.

Discussion about lettuce wraps with chicken and nuts and stuff turned into hysterical "Chicken Nuts" meltdown.

The flight home was interesting since Jordan was on crutches. We got to go to front of security line. Then a cart ride to baggage claim upon arrival. The cart driver sang "honk" in a big booming voice when driving through the terminal instead of the regular "Cart!" announcement. It was a hoot!

Had a fun time, learned a lot, but sure was good to get home.

July 4th

Lots of photos of Bauer BBQ to share but no time to get them up now. Here's the 2009 group. It was our tenth Bauer BBQ.
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