Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday All Day

Started out the morning trying to convince Eisenstein that I did not have to get up early. He's a cat and good at his job. One of them being to make sure I don't oversleep. Or is that getting me up so he can get fed? I get confused.

But I continued to give him the sleep late command "Too Early!" as I pushed him into a go-back-to-sleep horizontal position. He finally gave up after about four or five times, but I must admit, I only napped after that. So he didn't have to wait too long for his breakfast.

I wanted to do a big update with photos and all but can't find my chord to download from my camera so that'll have to wait.

Today I started out with a pot of coffee and watched a movie. Also, since there was a breeze outside, I went out and took advantage of it .... brushed the cat vigorously so the clouds of cat hair could waft away on the wind.

Let's see. What else? Some nice long phone calls with friends and family. Nice to catch up and connect.

Went to town and got some more movies and a Route 44 diet coke at Sonic. Sure do love that Sonic ice. I had called in my pizza order while I was picking out movies but it wasn't quite ready when I got there.

While I waited, I watched some of the Women's College World Series in softball. That's something I haven't watched before. The couple who have the little pizza place in my little town must love every sport that can be televised. They are always super engrossed in something, like the time they were riveted to the screen to see who would be the Little League Champions of the universe or whatever designation that was.

Mr. Pizza was talking up the fights that were to be on tv tonight and came over to show me a photo of Kimbo that someone had sent to him on his phone. I'd planned to watch anyway. Was going to be home and that's usually my good station.

When I was little, it would be clearly past my bedtime and I would sneak out of my room and stand in the dark of the hall-room and peer around the door into the living room. Dad would be watching boxing. Was it the Monday night fights? I do remember brand promotion by Gillette.

After a little research, I see that it was Friday nights. Part of the Cavalcade of Sports promoted by Gillette and broadcast from Madison Square Garden lasting until June 24, 1960. Which means I was about five or six years old. This is the only program I regularly would sneak out of bed to watch. Boxing. Kind of interesting, heh?

Tonight's premiere of mixed martial arts (including some boxing) kept my attention until about half way through the Kimbo fight, and that's when the reception went away and I didn't get to see the rest. Oh well. Not getting to see the end or even missing entire programs is part of the price of saving money by having just an antennae. Cable and satellite is soo expensive.

The first couple of fights just went by so fast. Then Carano getting to her win was interesting to watch. By the way, that Lawler vs. Smith one was a good example of fightus interuptus. Like I said I only got to watch a little of the Kimbo vs. Thompson one. In checking news, I see that it was called and there is controversy about it being a bad call.

Early this evening, I was thinking of going to bed really early. But got on the internet and had the tv going and here it is almost one o'clock and I'm still up. Eienstein is already sound asleep under my elbow and curled up on the arm of the chair.

By the way, Laura. The new air conditioner that you so graciously helped me install last weekend is working great!

Time to sign off and get some sleep.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom

and JFK. Both born May 29, 1917.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cool Photo of Mom & Dad

Mom's smiling big, isn't she? Dad probably just goosed her.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23

Sixteen years ago today was one of the happiest days of my life. That was the day that Gene and I got married. It was just an all-around great day. Gene was just so sweet and calm that day. He kept singing that Taj Mahal song "Farther On Down the Road" all day. Actually, he'd been singing it all week. Here's one version of it:

Further on down the road baby, you'll accompany me.
Further on down the road baby, you'll accompany me.

When I think back, your love was like the sun
And I don't remember no cold days darlin, I just remember the warm warm one.

Further on down the road baby, you will accompany me.
Oh if we fools in life, mmmm woman than a happy fool I'd rather be.

Oh baby I'll be glad to learn from you,
And darlin' I know you will be glad to learn from me.
And if we get down and things get sad, We can cheer up each other,
and grin Cuz things just ain't that bad.

If we fools in life, than a happy fool I would rather be.
Day by day, just one step, just one step at a time.
Cuz woman you have given me so much,
Just to ease this stubborn little achin' heart of mine.

I don't care where they came from,
and I don't care what they might say,
Woman you've been lovin' in my corner, each and every day.
Day by day, that's the magical kind cuz it's flowin all of the time.

Further on down the road, baby,
you will accompany me (Ohhhh, That's what I'm hopin)
Further on down the road, baby,
you will accompany me (Oh baby, can't you hear me playin)

When I look back,
your love was like the sun,
And I don't remember any cold days,
I just remember the warm warm fun.

Further on down the road, baby,
you will accompany me.

Mmmm Babe, ohhhh babe, ohhhh babe, aaaahhhhhhh
ohhhh babe, mmmmmmm babe, ohhhh babe, ohhhh babe,
mmmmmmm babe, oh darlin, ohh babe, ohhhh darlin,
ohhhhhh babe, ohhhh darlin.

(Here's the LINK to a YouTube recording if you're not on dial-up.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It's kind of chilly this morning! Up early and doing some work on the ol' laptop. Then leaving in an hour or so and traveling a couple of hours for a work event. Best part is that I'll get to see KimberlyH today since she lives near there.

I really have been neglecting the blog I know. Sometimes there's just nothing to say and then sometimes there's plenty going on but no time to post about it.

I've been working a lot lately. But that's just the way it is sometimes. Sometimes you get a big project going and it just takes extra effort to ever get it done.

I have in mind that I'm going to sit down and do a real update with photos and everything. March got ten posts and April only a sketchy three or four.

Funny about keeping a blog. Unless you are one of those clearly looking for masses of viewers for commerce or some kind of self-glory and do all the tricks that are required to build that base, what are you doing it for?

Who's even reading it? Do I post to give updates to friends and family? Am I just basically journaling with a few people that come in and take a look? I don't percive my life as being that interesting anyway. I will say there have been plenty of times I've looked back through my blog to find the date something happened. And sometimes I just go back and read it like anyone who sits down to browse through their handwritten journal.

I guess if I had to classify it, that would be why I do it. For the journaling aspect. And to share photos of loved ones and fine friends. I wish it was more rewarding in that those family and fine friends who have the opportunity to know what's going on with me made more contact, whether clicking the comment button and leaving a comment so I would know they were here or just picking up the phone and calling me. I know this is something I repeatedly harp on and I should just admit it's a public journal and not something interactive and just let it go.

I know, we're all so busy and it's just hard to keep in touch, right? Thanks to those of you who do keep in touch. I do appreciate it. (My stats counter shows a lot of lurkers out there, too.)

You maintain a blog and you think that it'll be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. And if they've got a blog, too, it really is!

But I didn't realize that I would be forming relationships with strangers that live on the other side of the country because you happen to find each others blogs. You see them struggling with deaths and illnesses and you reach out and encourage or commiserate with each other. You celebrate with them when something grand comes their way. You hold your breath with them when they're waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Do you need some encouragement? Need someone to just agree with you that it sucks? Did something just happen with you that needs celebrating? Do you need someone to hold their breath with you while we wait to see how it turns out?

Okay ... I've got to get back to work! I've spent way too long on this tirade and lost time on the work project and now I have to leave for the work event! Gotta run!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Bulletin Board

Someone's getting married - newspaper wedding announcement and bachelorette party photos. Makes me smile.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May 4th

Today would have been Gene's 52nd birthday. As it is, he's forever 49.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Been busy. Hopefully I'll have time to catch you up soon.
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