Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too Funny

Eienstein just thought he was settled in for the night. I was listening to some bird calls on THIS site. Started with the Cardinal and the cat went to the window sill and peered into the dark. Next, I played the Red-Tailed Hawk and he immediately looked up. Well, he was looking up at the ceiling of the living room but he instinctively looked up. Then I played about six more random ones and he finally just sat in the other window sill with a dead stare fixed on me. Yep, he had it figured that it was something I was doing. I've moved on to quieter pursuits and he's still stretched out in the window sill fake dozing. But every once in a while I see him open his eyes and peek at the ceiling. hehe


Blogger latt├ęgirl said...

I listen to the Nature Channel so often my cats aren't even slightly fazed by bird sounds :o)

9:44 PM  

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