Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Forgot To Get Coffee

You could hear me muttering when I went to make coffee this morning. I had already put water in the coffee maker before I remembered. Grumble.

And then I did something I rarely do. I made a trip to town just to buy some. It's only five miles but I do try to be conservative with resources and not be running the roads. Having grown up in rural America living 15 to 30 miles from town, I learned the value of making one trip, getting what you need when you pass through town.

But coffee. Man, I reeeeally wanted some.

So to try to make the trip worthwhile, I bought gas. Yes, with cash. Just can't help but shake my head at how expensive it is. I know our gas in East Texas is cheaper than other parts of the country, but still.

I found myself comparing how much per gallon I was paying today to how much it used to cost. Self serve gas had not been around very long when I started driving and usually a man would offer to put the gas in when I pulled up anyway. Being Miss Independent, I would refuse. Today, I might accept. My independence is proven and my laziness component is as big as ever.

Gas cost about 29 cents a gallon then. How much did gas cost when you started driving?


Anonymous caroline said...

I don't really remember. I can only say it was under $2.

9:22 AM  

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