Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rainy Saturday Morning

Just been relaxing this morning and spending a little time on the internet. Sooo much wasted time, I know, but still enjoy it. One of the things I did was to check my stat counter and saw that three people had visited my blog just this morning. I think I get a pretty good amount of traffic for just a personal blog. But it still makes me wonder who some visitors are. The stat counter gives general info like the town and server but nothing specific.

So you see, if you visit and never comment and leave your name, then I don't know for sure that you've been here. How fair is it that you know what is going on with me, but leave me wondering about my friends and relatives? So if you fall into that category, consider sending an email my way and catch me up or at least leave a comment and say "Hi" and I'll smile.

There are several blogs that I check daily. Do you? What are they?


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Hey Aunt Damnit, It's a rainy Saturday afternoon now. You need to check and see the new pics at the picasa gallery, cute ones of lil man having a sucker!! Just got off the phone w Kim, she's doing well, enjoying good food she said. Everything with us is good, baby is growing, to fast! Sean will most likely be getting a promotion soon. He's so happy bout that. That's all the new stuff here. Take care up there and we love ya!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous marci said...

I check in here sometimes, as it's linked from Caroline's blog. So yes, you have a reader you've never even met.

10:03 AM  

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