Friday, March 16, 2007

Tackling a Big Job

I'm off work today. Barrie and family will be in town later today and I'll meet up with them. But for now, I'm being constructive and going through one of those big Rubbermaid tubs of Gene's old law school stuff. Lots of yellow tablets, and Torts, and This v That, handwritten notes and handouts, but every once in a while I run across something that causes pause.

On a fresh yellow tablet were the words to House at Pooh Corner with the chords written in, you know -- Christopher Robin and all. Because of the time frame of being with his law school stuff, this tells me it was when he was practicing for L.A.'s 18th birthday party. He'd promised her since she was just a little girl that he'd sing it for her then. And he did. And it was flawless and beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I truly can't imagine. Yes, Hi Ms. Judy, its your "daughter" (Barb). Mom's b-day was Wed, so I can understand reflecting & the moments of pausing. I just call them "mom moments" & shed a tear, then its on to one of my girls who might need my attention a bit more than a short pause.
Love ya!!

5:14 PM  

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