Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well, Isn't This Aggravating?

After work yesterday, a friend came by and I offered, "Hey I've got this gift card to a local restaurant. Let me treat you to dinner." So we had a very nice dinner and exceeded the gift card by only a couple of dollars. Went to pay and I got, "I'm sorry but our gift card machine isn't working. We can't honor any gift cards tonight." The manager had been fetched by the hostess, so he was the one that repeated himself when that incredulous, "What?" slipped out of my mouth. Not even, "Here's a coupon for a free dessert," or "Here, let me write on the back of my business card that you get a free soft drink next time." Nothing! I don't want to go back -- but I've got this gift card, you see.

But Isn't This Redeeming?

Went through a drive-thru place at lunch today and every time the lady at the speaker repeated my order to me she got it wrong and then she just quit talking. So since there was no one at the window for a while, I drove on up. The gentleman handed me my meal while saying what it was. "No, I ordered a ...." He went to correct it but it was okay; the lady just never said it right. So he hands me my drink, "Your Dr Pepper." "No, I ordered a Diet Coke." He said "OK" and went to correct it. He hands it to me and I asked, "Is this your large?" which is what I'd ordered. "No that's a regular. Do you want me to change it?" I told him no because I was just wanting to get out of there. I paid the man and then he held up a very little cup and said, "Do you want some more Diet Coke. I'll give you more." YES! I'd paid for a regular but he wanted to give me more just to try to make up for all the confusion. I took it and I told him, "I'll be back."

Hey fancy restaurant manager! Take a clue from the chicken man!


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