Monday, February 19, 2007

Thanks For Checking In

I just checked my stats counter for the first time in a long time to see who's been coming by. And I'd like to thank you faithful few that have been checking my blog regularly. I really need to get back in the habit of making entries. Just wish there was something exciting to say. Not much going on except the routine.

When it comes time to make a post, you sit down and feel reflective. I've almost gotten to the point that I hate to make a reflective comment about missing Gene in my blog or on the phone to those far away because I don't want people to worry. Yes, I miss him and think about him a lot each day but it is mostly in passing.

I do have a friend at work that I'll talk to about whatever thing reminded me of Gene and made me miss him. She will "Awww" with me and pat me on the hand or give me a hug.

Then she'll announce "It just sucks, doesn't it?"

That's all I want -- someone to comiserate with me for that moment and then in the next breath laugh at the joke one of us is cracking. (i.e. Who needs a man when you've got a label maker?)

So yes, even though sometimes I feel like I can't get Gene out of my head and sometimes my heart hurts, there is nothing to be done but get through it. It comes and goes. It is not all consuming. There is nothing you can do but relieve me of the guilt of thinking I am making you worry. I am not in the depths of dispair.

It is only two sides of the same coin. They exist together.


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