Monday, December 19, 2005

The Weekend in Review

Saturday -- Peggy's Party & Kim's Return
Peggy is the wonderful lady that Kim was staying with when Gene died. Kim loaded me up and took me to Peggy's in the city with her. And Peggy was so gracious and gave me a safe place to just be during those difficult first days.

She had a big birthday celebration Saturday night at a nearby resort and invited me. Kim returned from the job she had in Alaska that very afternoon and drove over straight from the airport to meet up with us there. A nice celebration and a good sized crowd, too.

Sunday -- Dealing With House Repairs
The sills are rotted on one end of the house. I waited around for a guy to come out and make an estimate to repair it. His card said "Remodeling. No job too big or too small" but when he took a cursory look, he referred me to his brother that levels houses. He added, "I do new home construction."

So the brother came out the next day and took a look and called me with his estimate. It was sizeable. Hmmmm. Gene was such a brilliant man, but building a house was not his forte' it seems.

So now comes the getting more bids, etc. Why do I hate having to do that so bad?


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