Thursday, November 24, 2005

For KJ & Maybeso's Internet Friends

May 4, 1956 - September 26, 2005

Accomplished Musician, Singer Songwriter, Journalist, Attorney, Artist, Computer Geek, Air Force Vet, Marksman, "Childlike not Childish!", Mechanic, Brilliant Guy, Excellent Cook, Funny, Witty, Loving Husband, Loyal Friend.

KJ came to his Zenophobia site and commented wondering if he was still there. Alas, he is not. And I miss him.

On the morning of September 26, 2005, Maybeso (Nathan, "Gene") had a massive heart attack and died. It was so unexpected. We still didn't have power after Hurricane Rita and he'd had a miserable night with no power, no fans, no air conditioning. It was so hot, too. Record temperatures. Maybe that had something to do with it or maybe not.

In retrospect, his chronic indigestion -- "Acid reflux," he'd say; and the shoulder pain -- "I pulled a muscle" or "I slept on it wrong;" those were signs he explained away. He was 49. Take note -- even though he was slim, he maintained a poor diet revolving around Dr Pepper, Nestle's Quick and meat. And even though he'd quit cigarettes a few years ago, he still smoked cigars. Did this have something to do with his demise or was it just his time? Just something to ponder next time you reach for a smoke or pass on the vegetables.

To those of you who knew him through his website and discussion boards, I must let you know that he thoroughly enjoyed the discourse. I'm not much of a debater and since he was such a homebody, his on-line community was a very, very important part of his life.

His wish was to be cremated and instead of a funeral, for his friends and family to have a party which we did. We listened to songs he liked and watched video of a band he'd had a few years ago. We ate the food he liked -- Grandma Wineaux was there having evacuated from Hurricane Katrina's hit on New Orleans and even made her famous jambalaya. We stood up and told funny stories about him. We laughed. We cried. We toasted him with Dr Pepper and cigars.

I think if he were to give you some parting advice, some of it would be --
To seek the Truth; to fight hard for your basic rights and for those who cannot; if you get arrested -- DO NOT TALK under any circumstance except to say "I want my attorney"; to encourage someone to go to college -- get them the course catalog and take the time to explain what it all means or offer to pay for their books. And I think he would also implore you to be kind. By example, he promoted being loyal and faithful to one's spouse. And he would encourage you to learn to play an instrument -- his passion was music. And to laugh -- and laugh often.

In addition to KJ, I like to think some of his other cyberpals came by, too. I had wanted to post this on his website but have not gotten access to his blog to do so. So if you find your way here, please know that he enjoyed your community and even I miss hearing about some of those lively discussions, too.

With kind regards,
Maybenot, the wife


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