Friday, November 04, 2005

Looking Up Old Friends -- Highly Recommended

It's All Good
If there’s someone in your past, like an old roommate for instance, and you always enjoyed each other but over the years you talked less and less until it has been more than a decade since you talked – make the effort! Get in touch. I did and was richly rewarded.

Ronnie's New Door! Her new door arrived while I was there.

It's been thirteen years since we talked. The last time was at our wedding. Talk about coming full circle!

I traveled south and stayed a few days with Ronnie and Steve. The evening I arrived, we sat down in the den and did one of those, "Well, the last time we talked was at your wedding ... so ..."

That was a lot of catching up. My married years were full but ended. Their small children that they brought to the wedding were gone from home, only one remaining in college. The other two graduated -- one in Scotland and the other a promising engineer hidden out in a north East Texas town.

Ronnie is still a great cook just like she was in our college days. I could always count on a sandwich and a bowl of soup when I was over at their place. She was always feeding me as I hate to cook for myself. And who knew that thirty years later she would once again be feeding me, but this time she would also be providing nourshiment for the soul. I must tell you that I came away from that visit with a full heart.

My sincere hope is to not have that much time pass before seeing these two friends again. They only got better with the passage of time. Thanks for your hospitality and caring when I showed up on your doorstep having one of those bad days that widows sometimes have. You put me back together and sent me back out with a much more peaceful heart.


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