Sunday, September 25, 2005

After Rita Report, Sunday 4:30 pm

Now we wait. No power as of yet. Heard a rumor that it might be 7 to 10 days from an unreliable source. More likely, heard from someone else that claimed to have talked to the power company that we're looking at 2 hours to 2 days. Sounds better anyway.

Our house has stayed remarkably cool! It's up in the afternoon and much more comfortable than being outside. Of course, it does continue to lose that cool -- hope it is bearable tonight. I think it will be.

Hear there is no gas or ice in towns either direction from here. Some rumors say the town north of here has power and others say it doesn't.

We lost a big oak tree but it fell about 300 ft from the house. The whole place is lttered with what I call limb tips. Little boquets of leaves snapped from the ends of branches. Nothing big hit the cars or the house so we're glad about that.

We lost phone earlier today but it was back in a matter of hours.

We are using our old computer that Gene had charged up to make this post and to get some news from the world. When we called a friend that has TV yesterday, I told Gene to ask about news outside of the Rita Event -- I told him to ask her if a Beatle died or anything. We are cut off. So was glad when Gene broke this one out so we could check out some world news. The best headline was "Make Levees Not War." Clever.

My family is all safe and all together and camping out at their homes which are all in the same neighborhood until they get power. They had some roof damage but didn't sound too major. All repairable. And my dad's trailer was fine. They are setting up a kitchen in my sister's garage for all 3 families and compiled all their freezer contents into one so they can keep it on the generator. Lots of meat in peril from an extended family of hunters, don't you know.

But that's our news from this corner of the world. We are just waiting ... hope you are fine and happy out there.


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