Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita Update 7:30 AM

We started having problems with the power about 5:13 a.m. The power went off at 5:55. We just hooked up the computer to the phone line so we can make this post. We're doing fine. A little rain. Lots of wind. The wind wouldn't seem quite so bad if we didn't have a loose piece of tin. It was loose going in and we did try to shore it up, but it's been kinda bouncy plus getting smacked by the branches that are right next to it. Makes for lots o'noise.

We are getting some big gusts. We figure it's about 50 or 60 sustained. And gusts of about low to mid 70's. Just poked my head out the door and it was really impressive. The tops of these big oaks were bending over just about. We only have about 3 pines on the place since we had them cut back when we started building. Only one is sorta close to the house.

But all the tree action was up higher than the house. We are surrounded by trees but we are nestled right in the middle of so many that I think it is to our advantage. Stuff in the yard that you would expect to have blown by seeing the wind in the tops of the trees have stayed put. Benefitting from the windbreak I'd say.

While I was looking out the back door, a combination of a gust, air pressure getting sucked out the back door, wind direction change, all that perhaps -- blew the front door open. We never use the front door and that was quite a surprise. And since it is never used and the wind was coming from that direction, it took Gene a little while to get it secured. Had to toss the cat in the cat cage for the moment. He was not happy. But that minor event is over and we are settled back in watching the storm.

We can actually watch it now since it is daylight. Okay, maybe it was better when i couldn't see it? Nah, at least I can see which way to run in the daylight if I had to (*laughing*).

I'll be glad when the "storm" passes so we can open the door. Starting to get warm, especially with candles lit since daylight isn't very bright today.

Well, I'll go ahead and post. We are still doing fine.


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