Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita Update, Saturday 1:35 AM

We just got a power surge/dim kind of thing. But coincedentally, just seconds before, we were watching a live report from Beaumont from in front of the Entergy Building which had not lost power up until that moment as we watched, and that was just momentary. Maybe our little momentary dimming was related? Beaumont is 89 miles from here.

Okay, the wind as kicked up a bit. Heard the tin on the roof rattling a little. And sounds like we're getting a bit more rain. But things still mostly the same.

Been a long time since supper and time for a little snack. Gene went to the refrigerator looking for something for us and he looked up at me, slapped his forehead and said, "I could have a V8" which really cracked me up. If you're old enough, this will be funny to you, too, I think.


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