Friday, September 23, 2005

Waiting on a Hurricane 6:50 PM

Well, we are settled in for the storm/evening. Got everything done outside that we're gonna do. Moved the cars to the highest spot on the driveway. Actually, need to go outside once more since I have a load of clothes washing. We're all cleaned up. Clean hair. Dishes washed. Water drawn. All clean and ready as we can be. Having a little supper and watching TV while we can. Heard from Gene's sister, Dr. Kim, and got the rundown on most everyone on Gene's side of the family in the general path of Hurricane Rita. Seems like they are all in good spots. I'm concerned about my family of course. They are in areas where the rain will be so heavy. Up to 2 feet for my niece, I think. Hope it's hilly!

Getting some wind!


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