Friday, September 23, 2005

Waiting on a Hurricane 2:35 PM

Just checked out the website for my work and see that it won't reopen until Tuesday. Parts of it are being used to house evacuees and they will still be there, plus it is hard to get to work and some say dangerous. People getting desperate for gasoline.

Glad I'm at home and staying put. I did drive the five miles into our little town just to check on things and would have gotten a few extra supplies if the store had been open. But it wasn't. Nothing was. Abandoned cars at empty gas pumps. MAJOR traffic at the intersection. I turned around and came home. I think we've got what we need anyway.

Geeze, the prez is coming down here to check out the hurricane -- in San Antonio. How magnanimous.

We found a box of breadmix we'd forgotten about, so Gene got the bread machine going so we'd have one more loaf of bread. We figure we've got food for 2 weeks or more. And we do live in the country and as Hank Jr so aptly put it, "a country boy can survive." There are plenty of squirrel and deer on our land and Gene's an expert marksman. I've always managed to avoid cleaning fish, but would skin a squirrel if I was hungry. I think I impressed Gene early on in our relationship when I helped him dress a deer.

Also, we've got plenty of fishing gear and we do live walking distance to a major lake. And no, the lake won't flood us. We are on the high side of it. There is a little creek that floods us sometimes but we are quite familiar with what it does and should be fine.

Well, time to do a few more things. I'm so glad my Beaumont area family got out and moved north. Hope their property stands firms. But mostly glad they have a better chance of sitting out this storm having evacuated. And I'm glad that my dad is at the home of my cousin -- a neice that he is especially fond of -- Patsy. She says"I know I'm back home when I get called Patsy."


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