Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Rest of the Weekend

After the birthday shopping excursion, I went to Dad's. That night, we talked while occasionally glancing at a football game on TV -- A&M vs Clemson. Sunday morning, we went to church and met Martha there. That church is looking for a new pastor, but the one that was filling in was in school the same time as Dad. This guy was a good preacher and pretty spry for 76, twelve years my dad's junior.

Dad treated me to lunch for my birthday at the deli at Brookshire's grocery. Our first choice was closed for Labor Day weekend. Got him home after that and he went to nap. I walked over to Martha's to visit and we decided to watch a little HGTV. But since we were both kicked back in recliners to watch TV, we found ourselves watching the back of our eyelids instead in no time.

Here's a picture of Dad putting on his socks, getting ready to go down to the niece's house for a special family event. If you've been around my dad anytime at all, you've seen him doing this. I remember him always taking off his work shoes before coming in the house for one thing and subsequently putting them on to go out. And those three years he spent in the tropics during World War II and contracting Jungle Rot made him very aware of the importance of dry socks. Plus, he's been very careful with his feet since he almost lost a toe to poor circulation.

I headed on home, having to make the dreaded Walmart stop on the way home. Had to get a battery for the phone -- it's insane that a battery costs as much if not more than the phone itself!

Swung by the Movie Gallery before heading home. Nothing to watch but Jerry Lewis telethon. We watched two: Monster-in-Law and Hotel .
Hotel was a bit cerberal or tried to be anyway for what it was. Had it's points, I guess, but I ended up just forwarding through most of it. Now Monster-in-Law, with Jane Fonda and Jennier Lopez, was pretty funny. (Monster-in-Law LINK; Hotel LINK)


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