Saturday, October 20, 2007

They're Baaaaaaaccck!

Who? Those people on my tv. We have visuals again! Who knows, maybe the appliance healing preacher drove down our road today.

What a week! My work week was a four-day one, but there was at least six days of work crammed into it. I missed Monday, but Tuesday and Friday both felt like a Monday. In addition to actual work which was plentiful, we stayed after on Wednesday to decorate our office. There was a competion for decorating for Homecoming week. Ours turned out great but there was some stiff competition. The two that tied for first place were of the very pretty variety. Ours had some rough edges but was oh-so-creative. I'm generally pretty creative, but everyone involved was just as creative as I and it was a great effort.

I'll add here that my boss really likes to win. When someone asked him if he got second place, he said "There's no such thing as second place; second place is just First Loser." It was funny watching him pretend to be a good sport but seeing him seethe when the competition turned to walk away. He's such a dork.

But there were no second or third places anyway, just the winner. Or winners in this case. The prize was free bagels and coffee from the designer shop of the contracted food service on campus. We decided that the judges were looking for pretty and not creative. Lots of people came up and told us they couldn't believe we didn't win. I mean we had a limousine! HaHa.

Plus with all that silliness, our secretary was out so I ended up being back-up on some ordering, work order stuff. Plus I've been trying to plan a retirement party for one of our staff. Blah blah blah, busy busy.


Anonymous Caroline said...

Retirement? Who's retiring?

9:10 AM  

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