Friday, October 19, 2007

Move Along, Nothing To See Here

The tv shone brightly the next time I turned it on. Well, not brightly right at first. It took a few minutes and then the images faded into view. And repeated the next day.

Last night? Not so lucky. Just been listening. Nothing to see.

It is actually a little freeing to have no picture albeit no fun. Easy to move about and do other stuff knowing you're not missing a thing when your tv is just prentending to be a radio.

Is it even worth taking a tv in for repair any longer? Could I even get this monster into the car? Gene's strong arms brought it into the house years ago.

Oh well, too much going on right now to worry about repairs or replacing it now. I'm compelled to do too much resarch before jumping up and making any big purchase so it'll take a while.

Who knows, maybe that preacher that healed the air conditioner will stop by again.


Anonymous Caroline said...

It is nice to free yourself of the chains of TV. I always go back, but sometimes, if only for a short time, I like to pretend it isn't there.

9:56 AM  

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