Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Saturday Is Cooler Than Last

I woke up around 7:00 this morning. Eienstein must have heard me stirring because he came upstairs, jumped on the bed, and started meowing. A lot. And loudly.

Opened up the house when he finally talked me into coming downstairs and feeding him. Really great weather. Clear, cool, low humidity. Not so quiet this weekend, though. Off in the distance, there were some serious heavy machinery sounds. Although I wasn't hearing the cracking sound of timber coming down, I still wasn't sure what it might be or how close. I didn't think it was that close, but decided to walk the property line anyway.

Haven't done that in a while and it was time. Needs to be done with some regularity to make sure the neighbors are keeping within their boundries. One neighbor (now moved) was clearing their land years ago and ended up cutting down some of our trees. And another time, they were burning and ended up burning some of our property! Now that'll piss you off!

Walking the six acres is a little bittersweet. Gene found this property and put our move here in motion. He'd moved into my place and we did need a brand new place in which we shared equal history.

Plus the buying as opposed to renting thing. He was right on that one. With all the money worries there can be, having six acres and a cabin paid for makes the 35 mile commute to work worth it. Property and taxes in my work-town are way more expensive which I rediscovered when thinking of moving closer to work after Gene died. Would not be able to find comparable amount of property there for the price. And I do like that buffer zone of land from the neighbors.

It's nice having your own woods to go walking in, too. He enjoyed walking the property more than me. I just realized that today I didn't look for the housesite we picked out for our someday-real-house we dreamed of building. Had my mind on finishing up and getting back to the house. Besides, real shoes would have been a better choice than flip flops for walking in the woods and I knew my coffee would be ready when I got back.

I thought the racket would have lasted all day but didn't. It quit before i even finished the circuit around the property line. Why would they fire up big machinery at 7:00 on a Saturday morning if they weren't going to try to get in at least a half a day's work? May have to drive down that direction later today to see if there's some big construction going on.


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