Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo Storage Sites

I've got to move my photos from my Yahoo Photo Albums. I don't have too many there but don't want to lose them. Yahoo bought out Flickr and I can move them there. But the problem is that I already have a Flickr account and it is at it's limit for a free account. So do I go ahead and buy in? Do I create a second account there or somewhere?

I originally started the Flickr account so I could link photos to my blog. But now since Google bought out Blogger, I can just add them in there. But I don't like how it thumbnails them in the blog. Plus I'm approaching my free limit there, too.

When I used the Flickr link, I could make them a more generous size. Granted I haven't explored if it is possible to make the photos larger in the post using the Google feature, but that's another issue. Either way, sounds like it'll involve some HTML.

Suggestions of best places for photo storage online? I'm know there are tons. Snapfish, Shutterfly, Pixagogo, etc.

Have you ever ordered one of the hard cover books from your photos? They look like they could be great gifts.

Have you thought about how we put all our family snapshots online now? When we kick the bucket, the link to those photos will gone when we're not around to keep paying. No going through the photo albums left on the shelf or finding a shoebox full of photos of great-grandma, cousin Oscar when he was a babe, etc. stuck back in the corner of the closet.

This became very evident to me when I was trying to keep Gene's website alive in cyberspace. Not having the login/password to the account prevented me access. Now I'm thinking that I should pick one photo storage site, keep everything on it for years to come, and leave the username/password with my important papers for that inevitable day.

Speaking of technology. I tried to play a recently-given-to-me CD in my little clock/radio/cd player and it didn't work. My sister who had one just like it had told me that hers quit working. I got out an old CD and it worked. Just goes to show you that technology is changing fast. A new CD recorded this year doesn't work in a player from less than five years ago. But the CD does work in my computer so I did get to enjoy it right away.

I bought into Flickr.


Anonymous Caroline said...

I might need to buy into Flickr. I wanted to organize my photos into another set last night, and the free Flickr only gives you three sets. Lame.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Caroline said...

Also, if you ever want to get all of those digital photos on paper but don't have the capability to print them out yourself, my mom uses Snapfish and really likes it. She's gradually working through her collection of photos on the computer. I think the master plan is to have them printed out and saved on a cd that's put in a safe place. That way they don't take up room on the computer and you can enjoy them the old fashioned way!

10:37 AM  

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