Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Funny TV

OMG. TV reception is soooo clear. I just looked up from the laptop, and TV was so clear it scared me. Makes me want to shake out some coins for satellite or cable if cable has made it out this far yet.

Nahh. Maybe next year. I'm about a month away from paying off one of my credit cards. Woohoo! That's worth watching fuzzy old-school antennae tv as I inch toward my goal of being debt-free!

I have been watching Last Comic Standing. The first commercial came on and I realized my face kinda hurt because I'd been smiling so big for ten minutes straight. If you're looking for another summer reality show to watch and you like to smile, I'd recommend this one even if you watch it on fuzzy TV.


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Sean and I love it!!!
Some of them are so funny.
I really enjoyed the heckle thing they did.

8:17 AM  

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