Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boston - Wed, July 11

The conference started the next morning. I’d tell you about the conference but that work stuff would take a while to explain and would probably be boring to you. Basically, it was about data management in higher education. Suffice it to say that it was a good conference and we learned a lot. Oh yeah, we were staying at the conference hotel so it made it really easy. It was the Park Plaza which is an historic hotel. LINK.

Park Plaza Lobby.

Lobby From Above.

Main Meeting Room.

My Room.

Christine's View.

My View.

The Windows Open!

My View Looking Down.

So back to food and fun. The conference always had a nice continental breakfast and nice lunches. And there was that fabulous dinner that we lucked into on Tuesday night at Grill 23, too.

On Wednesday after the conference, we had a free evening. Christine and I decided to go walk around and look at the sights and find a place to eat.

Here's a swan we saw building a nest
as we passed through the park.

We ended up at the Charles River Esplanade very near where we were staying in downtown Boston. There was a free concert that night at the Shell. LINK. We got some great food from the Café Esplanade which was actually the food stand at the park.

They played Haydn's Symphony No. 104 in D major during the first half of the performance. That was our “music to dine by.” After we ate, we went up to the very front and sat and enjoyed Beethoven’s Ninth, Opus 125; the first symphony he composed to include voices so I heard from MichelleS upon my I return. It was beautiful. Let’s just say I was moved to tears. OMG, it was just so wonderful and so serendipidous to have just walked up on it.

Park Closed Dusk to Dawn. Concert at 7PM.
Why do I find this so funny?

A Great Meal.

See? Chicken Salad Wraps, Summer Sausage, etc.

The Soloist.

Shell Crowd.

Enjoying Life.


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