Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boston - Tues, July 10

Left the house about 8 a.m. and headed to airport. Met up with Christine at the gate. The night before I had trouble going to sleep and was operating on about an hour and a half of shut eye. The flight was about four hours but the excitement of the trip held. I had the window seat going to Boston and I’m surprised I didn’t have a crick in my neck from looking the whole time.

There were two ladies that had those little personal fans. The blades seem to disappear when the lady next to us used hers, so all we were seeing was this vibrating thing that she was proudly holding. Okay, that was the first time we got the giggles during the trip.


Here's a silly picture of me and the explanation of the M&M cup will come later. Oh yeah, and some cool looking clouds.

The landing at Logan Airport was quite exciting! Very quick stop! And a quick, and I mean QUICK left turn immediately. We speculated that the pilot might have overshot an already short runway in the fog. Weather or daredevil, either way it was kind of exciting.

We had gone to baggage claim and gotten our luggage, gotten a taxi, and were checked in and in our rooms in about thirty minutes. Amazing!

There was a reception that evening that we went to right there in the conference hotel and got to finally meet our account manager in person. We were going to try to go find Cheers after the reception but another account manager had clients who hadn’t shown. So right place, right time – we got to take their spots at dinner. Very nice place. Christine was just telling someone today that, “this place was so nice, Judy didn’t even take out her camera and take pictures of her food.” Could be the nicest place I’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy. It was Grill 23 and here is the website. LINK.

If I had taken pictures, they would have looked something like these from their website:

We Were Seated Upstairs

Looks a Lot Like My Meal

Just Like My Side Dish

After that, we walked quite a few blocks and made our way to Cheers. This is the place that the sitcom was based on so the outside looks like it but the inside is just this small little place with all sorts of Cheers memorabilia and photos and things to spend money on. Our account manager stuck around with us for a little while. The rest went back to the hotel after a requisite photo op. “Too touristy.” they said. “So what!” I say. We had fun.

L to R. Maggie, Mark, Andrew, Rick, Tim, and Juan.
Various Account Managers who were our hosts for dinner.


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