Monday, July 30, 2007

Air Conditioner Healed

A local Pentecostal preacher came by and healed my air conditioner this afternoon.

This deserves a back story doesn't it?

I went to Peggy's after Gene died and stayed about a week. When I got back home, I went to turn on the air conditioner and it threw the circuit breaker. Even after unplugging the a/c and flipping the breaker many many many times, nothing would work on that circuit, not even a lamp or a fan. (Yes, I checked to make sure said fan and lamp worked on another working circuit thank you very much.) I was not surprised because having to replace appliances after a hurricane is not uncommon with all those power surges when power is going out and back on. As a matter of fact, the refrigerator was on it's last leg at the time and the storm finished it off. Had to replace it. Even had to get a new VCR/DVD player, etc. but I digress.

So anyway, I wasn't in a mood to deal with anyone coming into my house to look at this electrical/air conditioner problem so I left the a/c unplugged and turned off the non-working breaker.

Fast forward a year and nine months. I recently decided to get some estimates on repairs to the floor and such. The guy who came this afternoon took a look at the floor and said he'd probably have an estimate for me on Thursday. Before he left, I asked if he did electrical, too, and he said he did.

So he took a look at the circuit that the air conditioner was on and had it working in short order. The a/c works now. Hasn't cooled things off but two degrees according to the thermometer, but sure can tell it has removed lots of humidity. Will see how it ends up. Hasn't been on too long yet.

In addition to doing house repairs and owning rental properties, he is also a local minister. Get it? Laid on hands and healed the air conditioner? I know, dumb joke.

He never got back in touch with me about the repairs. I guess he just really didn't want this job. Plus he really pitched a couple of houses in town he'd fixed up and wanted to sell. I certainly wasn't interested. If I buy a new house anytime soon it won't be in this town, but in the town 30 miles away where I work.


Anonymous Jennifer said...


About time! Really makes me feel a lil better knowing that poor cat won't be so hot!
Love ya

9:37 PM  
Blogger Ms. Judy said...

I know! I'm not the one wearing a fur coat! Poor kitty!

9:44 PM  

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