Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fall Foilage Finally Looking Good on First Day of Winter

Thought you might want to see a recent photo of me. I have definitely gained back the bereavement pounds I lost with all these holiday parties at work. Oh well ... I'll diet tomorrow.

I think I'm getting sick again! I was warned that it might happen, that I might catch every bug that comes along this winter from the stress of "the event". I'll have to start hitting the O.J. hard.

I had dinner with Kim, Gene's sister -- the doctor, last night. She is back from Alaska and is thinking of going to New Mexico next. It was good to visit with her. Gene was, and I am sooo very proud of her for this accomplishment.

I was looking back at my posts and see that there are actually very few current ones. Maybe I can post more often. I think I might be up to it. We'll see! There are good days -- bad days. Never can predict it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you ARE looking good on the first day of Winter!

Don't you get sick again! Drink that OJ with a MULTI-VITAMIN!


10:35 AM  

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