Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Should Have Gone To Wendy's I Guess

Today I went to lunch and ran some errands. A friend went with me. We went through a Taco Bell drive-thru after errands on our way back to our jobs. When I dropped of said friend, she accidentally picked up my bag of food, too.

I didn't realize it until I'd already gotten parked and there was no way I was going to give up that good spot by driving back to her work to pick up my food. So I called her (and she said Sheese realizing she'd done that) and told her to donate it to some starving college kid at her work.

So at least I had my big ol' diet-Pepsi to sip on for the afternoon. Or thought so. Not only was it flat, it was not a diet-pepsi but a regular one. (Oh and I forgot to say they screwed up when they were taking my order.)

Was feeling hungry, so I walked over to the Subway in the food court and ordered the special for the day. It was Turkey sandwich which should have swiss cheese I think. But nope. They didn't have any because they got sent the wrong cheese. Not so bad to choose another kind, but still wasn't what I wanted.

Sat down back at my desk to enjoy my sandwich. Munching along. Picked up my diet-coke to take a sip from the straw .... yep, the lid popped off and since the cup was tipped, I got a lap-full. Sigh.

My smarta$$ boss was talking about the tailgate before this big basketball game tonight and said there was going to be gumbo. But then reminded me that it spills easily and might be messy so maybe I shouldn't go. Soooo funny.

Well, that's my post for this meal-challenged day!


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