Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Few Photos From Dad's Party

Here's Dad with his baby sister. (l to r: Dad & Eunice)

These two have been friends for 57 years, and didn't even meet until Dad was 33! (l to r: Dad & R. E.)

Who knew I'd have brothers someday! When Geneva came into our lives, we not only got another loving mother but brothers, too! Keith & James got to come to Dad's party. (l to r: Keith, James's Sonya, friend Bill, and James)

These folks traveled three hours with five grandkids in the car! Dad was their pastor. (back row l to r: FredK, Rhonda, JudyK; front row: the kids!)

This is a lot of what the day looked like as you might expect. Lots of friends and family talking, looking at photos, hugging, catching up. (l to r: JoNell, Eunice, Jerrilyn, Susan; Martha standing)

There were about 80 or more people there. (Martha offered to have the party at her lovely home. Thanks, Sissy!) It was a great time although it was hard to visit with everyone like you'd want. There were relatives from both sides of the family, quite a few of Dad's friends from his youth, friends from churches where Dad had pastored, and others there. Plus he got so many cards, many with letters, photos and momentos. They filled up an entire big scrapbook. And phone calls from all over the country. It was a grand day!

My camera batteries played out pretty early, so I don't have all the photos I wish I had, but hopefully I will be able to get some from others that were there. Especially looking forward to seeing a good one of me, Dad, and Martha together.


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Aw. Looks like a wonderful day.

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