Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Monday and I'm enjoying my day off. Lots of projects to do, but here I am updating my blog. Well, it was on my to-do list.

Last week at work we had lots of interviews. Trying to fill three vacant positions at work. Got several good applicants. Then came the news that someone in another area of the office plans to retire in October. Another key position to fill. It never ends. Being managment is a great thing, yes?

Sunday, I went over to Dad's and drove him to a funeral he wanted to attend. The lady who died was a neighbor and close friend of my step-brother. Dad had met her at her 90th birthday party. As I overheard her grandson-in-law say, "She had a good run." And at 97, I guess that is as appropriate a comment as any.

I think Dad felt compelled to go because he had fully intended to attend her 100th birthday party if they were both still around. She had extended an invitation at the 90th. I can only imagine the feeling of fraternity among those 89 and older. Even if they don't know each other well, they must have a feeling of kinship to have experienced that much history.

Today, I am spending the Monday off work procrastinating like crazy. But probably should finish this up soon. Starting to rain and that will create noise on the phone line which interrupts my dial-up connection and logs me off. I keep making calls for repairs but always clears up before they get to it. Maybe someday they'll find where that puddle is that creates the problem while there's still water in it.


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