Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Friend Publishes a Book

We got our kitty, Eienstein, from Annie. I've known Annie for more than thirty years and of course have gotten to know her entire family during that time. Annie's brother, Gary, recently published a book. LINK. Here we are with my autographed copy and a shot of him in action at the accompanying lecture.

Go Gary!

Here's part of a review posted on the University of Oklahoma Press website.
In his compelling narrative, Zellar describes how African Creeks made a place for themselves in a tolerant Creek Nation in which they had access to land, resources, and political leverage—and how post–Civil War “reform” reduced them to the second-class citizenship of other African Americans. It is a stirring account that puts history in a new light as it adds to our understanding of the multi-ethnic nature of Indian societies.


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