Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Bride and Groom Were Cute As Little Buttons!

Kasey and Blake.

Kasey worked with me in my old job. One of the Buttons. And if you know Kasey, you know Blake. They've been together since high school. She finished college at breakneck speed to catch up with Blake so they could embark on their lives as husband and wife. She finished only one semester behind him.

Kasey and Blake got married May 19 in a very beautiful ceremony. What a gorgeous day! And the reception was quite an event, too. Kim was there to capture the joyous occasion on film. I am honored that I was able to attend. They are so totally devoted and very funny, and witty, and clever, and smart and they are destined to bring lots of joy to all around them!

Kasey being adorable.

Kim, Blake, me and Kasey.


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