Thursday, May 17, 2007

Updating May 6 Entry and Catching Up

If I'd just make some regular posts I wouldn't have to do all this updating right? Looks like May 6 was my last big update and I have a few photos to add for that post. Oh yeah, I mentioned in that post that Eienstein brought in a squirrel. Since then he's brought in a snake and frog. Sheese! Here are some photos for the May 6 post:

Traveled a lot -

The fountain in lobby of conference hotel.

Visitors from New Mexico -

Seated by the fireplace for breakfast. Fine dining at the cafe.

Like I said, it rained a lot.

Martha hosted a party -

Some of Martha's teacups.

Some 2007 Relay for Life photos -

Initial team.

Additional team.

Blake, Kasey, Kevin, Caroline walking past our campsite.

Monica and Andrew re-enacting an actual relay.

Rain moved us into the mall. Our campsite at end of the night.

Crazy, huh?


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