Friday, January 06, 2006

Wendy's Is The One With Issues

Today, VickiB and I walked over to Wendy's for lunch. She asked for a combo and the assistant manager strongly suggested she not get the fries because they were waiting on the truck to come in and they would then have fresh oil. She said they just wouldn't be as good as they should be. Too bad Vicki didn't want one of the other sides although she settled on one. Then she asked for sauce for her chicken strips -- you guessed it. They were out! So she ended up with some Honey Mustard salad dressing. And, they got someone's order wrong and it was some shy, timid person that works there and the assistant manager had her voice-volume turned up so that the cooks in the back could hear all about it from where she stood at the fartherest-most table. Hmmm -- I look forward to South Paw opening back up next week!


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