Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Issues With Tomatoes

Apparantly, I have tomato issues. KimG and I were joined by Andres at Wendy's. I bit into my Spicey Chicken Sandwich and it was sans tomato. So I went to ask if they were out. The "can do" manager pointed out that she had put up signs up all over (There were two, one on each door -- and very, very wordy -- they looked like essays! Going out the door, I did notice "Tomatoes" and "Hurricane Katrina" bolded but didn't have time to read the whole thing!) and saying they only added tomatoes if requested. But she wrapped up 5 or 6 slices for me and noted that since I was a "regular" she should have asked. I took my bumper crop of tomatoes to my table, and put on as many as would fit and enjoyed my improved sandwich.

But you know how at Sonic they do the equivalent of the "Water Torture" by coming by at disgustingly frequent intervals to see if you could possibly need another packet of catsup? Reminiscent of that, the Wendy's assistant manager then came by to check on things. Instead of saying something like, "Are ya'll doing alright?" -- she said, and said just a wee bit pedantically, "Other than your -- tomato issue, is everything okay now?" I don't know why, but it really struck me as hysterically funny that she conceived of me as someone who has issues with tomatoes! Who knows, maybe she is a psychology student working her way through the program. She may think the next person who freaks out about mayo touching their lettuce has a complex!

After all the special attention and having way more tomatoes than I could use, I made sure to hide the leftover slices among the trash so as not to be pegged as one of the wasteful. And the three of us had great fun the rest of the afternoon talking about tomato issues and making an issue about all sorts of other things.


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