Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wanted To Post Yesterday

Wanted to post yesterday but access was unavailable. Back today but what was it I was going to blog about? Lost that gravy-train of thought.

But I can tell you about a site I came across yesterday. It's You call their number, listen to an ad (that's how it's free) and then dial the number you'd like to call and leave a voice mail. That's right folks, you can leave a voice mail on someone's mobile number without taking a chance to actually have to speak to them! Technology is something, isn't it?

Also, I found it interesting that an entire new population of lowland gorillas have been discovered in the congo. They estimate that there are more there than the total in the rest of the world. There is a story on if you're interested. LINK.

What else? I really like this piece of music. LINK. It is Dvorak: String Quartent No.12 in E Flat Major. (The whole album is wonderful - link.) I like to listen to it on Actually I like to listen to Deezer a lot. It's free.

The other day I checking out a recent Tom Waits concert that was on NPR. I'd been in and out of my office and not really paying attention to it but two co-workers happened into my office and both made a face and said, "Eww." I had to laugh and agree that Tom has entirely blown out his voice. But it made me want to hear some of his old tunes that I used to really enjoy. Yes, I had one of his albums ... that's LP ... you know that big round vinyl thing. But I found most of those songs on a Deezer "station" and here is the LINK for you if it works.

I guess this week has been about music for some reason. I enjoy music but not one of those that's gotta have it. But this week, I've been seeking some particular pieces out and have actually purchased a couple. Random choices of course. Come to think of it, I heard both of them in movies first. Curious what they are?

Oh yeah, and I downloaded some fine marches from the Marine Band website. More free downloads. Also there are fanfares and flourishes available. I downloaded "Hail to the Chief," started it playing rather loudly in my office and could hear the curious chatter out in the main reception area, to which I answered by walking out of my office giving a presidential wave to everyone as I walked through. I couldn't bring myself to download "Stars & Stripes" yet as that is too sad still, but "King Cotton" and "Semper Fidelis" are quite fun. If you love marches, need a fanfare, flourish or your own copy of "Hail to the Chief" then here's the place. LINK. (The President's Own also does symphony performances which are recorded there, too. Patriotic, Ceremonial, Educational and Web Exclusive are your choices.)

Okay. Gotta run.


Blogger KFO said...

you should listen to
its also free :)
and it listens to what you really want -- unlike yahoo's launch player

10:56 AM  
Blogger Ms. Judy said...

I've already gotten that one bookmarked! :)

6:41 PM  

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