Saturday, July 26, 2008

Etch A Sketch

A friend of mine gave me a very tiny Etch A Sketch. It's on the end of a ballpoint pen. But I'd like to have another one. About the size of a cell phone. And when I'm in a meeting when people pull out their phones and start texting, I'd pull out my mini-Sketch and match their enthusiasm.

By the way, I was certain there had to be an online Etch A Sketch and there is. But my recommendation is not to waste your time. Never realized that so much of the Etch A Sketch fun was tactile. So much more control with the two turners and not so much with up/down arrows.

Ever get a hold of a squeaky Etch? Ever do an elaborate Etchy drawing like a fox in a woodland scene straight out of a National Geographic and then stumble walking across the room to show it off?


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