Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"The Thunderer"

Some mornings, when I'm really dragging, I'll listen to my collection of Sousa Marches on my drive to work. Sounds crazy I know, but it is a close second to a strong cup of coffee to get the blood going. "The Thunderer" is one of my favorites. To get you in the mood for all those upcoming fireworks with rousing march music, please read a little something about "The Thunderer."

You can listen to an old victrola playing Sousa HERE. Although, checking out some of those other youtube clips that will present themselves at this site feature current day orchestras playing the song and just might be more to your liking. Here's some info you just really need to know about "The Thunderer."

The Thunderer - This march was dedicated to the Knights Templar of Washington DC in 1889, three years after Sousa was inducted into that organization. "The Thunderer" was Mrs. Sousa's favorite march, and Sousa featured it on the Great Lakes Naval Training Station Band tour to benefit the American Red Cross during World War I.

In 1889 Sousa was 35 years old, and he had directed the Marine Band for nine years. Although he was considered an outstanding composer and conductor, he apparently was still quite inexperienced when it came to business. He sold the rights to many of his most successful marches outright for thirty-five dollars each, as was the case of "The Thunderer."
Just remember when you are watching the big fireworks show and you hear a rousing rendition of "Stars and Stripes", you will be listening to mine and Gene's song. Not everyone sees fireworks when they hear their song. Guess we were lucky that way.

Posts for the next month will be sketchy if at all. But I'll be back toward the end of July -- hopefully reporting some fun adventures. Got the Bauer BBQ and some additional trips planned.

Enjoy your Fourth!


Anonymous Caroline said...

Yes, I have definitely played this in my time. I really like it too. Lots of fun to play.

9:53 AM  
Blogger latt├ęgirl said...

While I can admire Sousa in theory, listening to marches is, for me, akin to listening to Strauss waltzes. My tolerance for both is minimal to nil.

5:56 AM  

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