Thursday, July 24, 2008


Took a four-day trip to Phoenix for a work conference. Good information. Nice people. But it is H-O-T there in mid-July!!!!

Dinner on Monday.

Christine relaxing after dinner.

At the Phoenix Fine Arts Museum.

More museum.

Consultation Room. Sara is our account manager. Was great to finally meet in person.

Tim and Cindy.

Smiles! These are new friends from our table at the awards banquet.

Texas and Tennessee.

More Texas and Tennessee. Tennessee is a friend from last year's conference.

Are you supposed to take the chips off first?

Not Jim.

Grab a chip, Michelle!

Just go for it!

Melissa's turn.

Video of Michelle dancing with flamenco dancers.

Yours Truly, Christine, Sara.

Almost home - never was so glad to see water and trees and East Texas humidity!


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