Friday, June 20, 2008

Updates Begin - We Begin With Christmas 2007

Hop into your Way Back Machine and visit last Christmas with me. Just found this in my drafts. Cleaned up some bad links and here it is. Guess it got buried in the drafts and I just missed it. I had no idea I was going back this far to do updates, but here you go. Lots of photos, so for you folks with dial-up, go pour yourself a cup of coffee while this loads and come back later to read it --

Saturday before Christmas:
I went over to Dad's and Martha's. Cassie and her bunch came over to Martha's for lunch and we exchanged gifts. Martha has some good photos on her camera. I'll try to get them and add them here later. (Never got them.)

Sunday before Christmas:
I drove to Barrie's to spend Christmas with them. Young Mr. O. cracked me up. When I walked in the door he started jumping up and down and with the biggest grin said, "Hi Judy! Do you have presents?"

The Welcoming Committee helped me put my presents under the tree. Recognize that lemon, Laura?

We did venture out and did a Walmart run about 9:30 that night. That was kind of crazy. Back in time for snuggles tho.

Christmas Eve Eve snuggle.

Christmas Eve Day:
Here we are ready to go. We made a quick escape while the kids were distracted and made a mad dash for the car. A good hair day for me so I'm putting the big picture in here.

Me and Barrie.

Christmas Eve Brunch:
ML just happened to be visiting her sister for Christmas so wasn't too far away. We were able to get together for a meal and a good visit, but with a doula and a midwife at the table, I'll let you guess their major topics of conversation.

Barrie and ML.

Yours Truly.

Christmas Eve Service, Children's Church:
After brunch, we made a return mad dash. Everyone got ready and headed to the service especially for children. It was at 4 o'clock. A cute pagent with angels, shepherds, etc. Oh yeah, and glow sticks. Always glow sticks for the kids there.

Headed inside for the service.

Here they are waiting for church to start.

Leaving Christmas Eve Service:
She always has this kitty tucked under her arm. She'll be a natural when she starts carrying a cell phone. She doesn't get up and go to the other room without this cat.

Lil' Miss Ladybug and her Carolina Kitty.

Barrie said this is how she has spent the last six years - putting kids in and taking them out of the car seat.

Lil' Miss Ladybug and Barrie.

Christmas Eve Night:
Just spent relaxing at the house and basking in the excitement of Santa's eminent arrival. NORAD's tracking of Santa has advanced a lot from the days of the little blip on the radar sweep. There's actual video of him flying over the places he's already visited! Technology!

Following Santa on Norad's website.

She liked my new socks.

Lil' Miss Ladybug had been up until midnight the night before and the plan was to keep her in motion all afternoon so she wouldn't nap. Thankfully, she went right off to sleep at an early hour. But poor little Young Mr. O. ... that little guy was sooo excited that he went and got in bed really early. I think he actually managed to sleep for about an hour but woke up around 8 or 9 o'clock sorely disappointed that it was still Christmas Eve.

We'd watched the Muppet's Christmas earlier in the day so after the kids went to sleep, we watched White Christmas and made some final preparations for Santa's arrival.

Christmas Morning:

Here's what Santa brought --

The best stuff is at the bottom!

He's excited about something!

It was an early morning!

Give me coffee!

It was really early for someone else, too.

Merry Christmas!

Everyone was interested in the new gameboy!

Even though he seems really engrossed in this book, he got the most mileage out of the trick gum Santa left in his stocking. The kind that snaps and gets ya when you pull out a stick.

While the kids were playing, we put the Christmas Story movie on. Matt got a spot all comfortable for watching but Dixie and Zoey thought he should give them his utmost attention.

Dixie, Matt, and Zoey.


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