Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well Isn't This a Gas?

I was doing some random searching on the internet tonight and just stumbled across one of Gene's blogs. I'd totally forgotten about it. It is about setting up a server with old Mac equipment in rural East Texas ... it's all Mac Computer-eese so not an easy read unless you really need the info out of it. But it's fun to look at and see how resourceful he was to patch together a server with mostly what he already had or could get for free.

I probably should read it and maybe it'll explain what some of that computer stuff was. ML and I just scooped it all up in boxes and I put it away for when I was ready to go through stuff. Gene wasn't particular about how things looked with that setup. As long as it worked was fine with him. It was all a big tangle of music cords, Dr Pepper cans, ash trays, gadgets and computer wires. That was two years and eight and a half months ago. That box can stay stored for a while longer. Not a high priority in the scheme of things right now. Got other things to do first.

Anyway, I added the link for Another Gene Blog in Cyberspace to my sidebar in Blogs of Note.

Rural, out!


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