Friday, July 21, 2006

An Advantage of History

There was a seminar for History teachers at the local museum grounds hosted by university History professors. A friend of a friend invited us to come eat lunch. They cooked a huge meal pioneer style -- as in "making history come alive and more interesting" -- in dutch ovens and over the fire. Other food was brought, too, like green salads and fruit salads, to complement the chicken fried venison, braised pork chops, biscuits, corn bread, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, dressing, etc. I've never seen so many beautiful, seasoned dutch ovens in one place before.

Same friend of friend has gotten us tickets to local eatery tonight for a french meal -- part of a "let's rejuvinate downtown" event and includes a movie at the local restored theater. (The meal was "bistro beef burgundy." Putting bistro in front of it must mean you can serve it with very little beef in it. I had a couple of pieces in mine, but my neighbors had absolutely none. But we had some yummy desserts! The movie was Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain LINK or as we call it here, Amelie, which ends up sounding a lot like an East Texas Emily. I'd seen it before although I think I enjoyed it more this second time around. I guess the first time I was so busy reading the subtitles, it detracted from the film. It was a nice evening.)

Coincidentally, I used to work in this same old theater building when it was used as a factory to build traffic light controllers. You know, the box that sits on the corner and works the lights. Did that for eight years, don't you know. I look forward to seeing it restored back into a theater.


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