Thursday, June 15, 2006


I just thought I was busy at work. I have gotten more assignments in the last two days than in weeks. It's snowballing! One of the negatives of being recognized for quality work! "You did a great job on Project XYZ. Here's fifteen more. Oh yeah, ASAP!"

Just as well, need to keep busy. Last night was watching that "100 Most Inspiring Movies" special. When it came down to the commercial break before announcing the top three, I was thinking, "Gene would be guessing what they were and he'd get at least one, probably two and wouldn't surprise me in the least if he got all three." Wouldn't you know it, the Number One movie was one of his absolute favorites, It's a Wonderful Life. I never cared that much for it but he looovved it. You better believe I was just squalling when they were showing all the clips from it. But what're you gonna do? Sigh.

Eienstein Looking Pouncy Yesterday


Blogger jayne said...

It's called job security, lady.

6:48 PM  

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