Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend Update

Sunday, May 21, 2006 -- Photos
I stayed around home today and made another attempt on The Shed. Everytime I attempt to clean it out, I have to deal with emotions.

The first attempt in December, I came across all these "Congratulations On Your Wedding" type cards. Just broke down and boo-hooed and put it all back. Then a couple months later, I tackled it again this time finding, "Congratulations on Your First Anniversary" type stuff. In addition to that, you have to realize that this shed leaked for quite a while and lots of things got damaged, so then there's that factor.

This third attempt was not quite as emotional, but still -- found my photographs from the second and third decades of my life, and yes, I took lots of photos back then, too. Well, they are all kind of melted together from the water damage. Hundreds of them! I pulled them apart and salvaged a few. I will scan them so I can still have the images although the edges aren't looking too pretty and feel gummy. Amazingly, the Polaroid ones are the ones that made it fine. Some from the early 1970's. Who knew? There were some old photos from childhood stuck in there that made it fine, so that made me happy. I have another whole set of photos in the house, but not exactly sure what time-frame they will be.

Losing those photos made me think about how many times one can start their life over. All those photos were from before my life with Gene. Although I had the photos & memories, that life ended and faded away when Gene and I got together. And I had a happy new life. Now my life with Gene is over. If you count childhood on its own, I am starting my life over for the fourth time. Hmmmm. I used to think of it as one lifetime, not a string of many.

But back to the shed -- mostly, there were paperback books that were kind of melted together. Ick! A majority of them were science fiction ones of Gene's. Most were garage sale/resale shop finds and quite a few duplicates and not in great shape to start with, but there were some that are okay. Are you into Speculative Fiction, a term I much prefer to "science fiction"? Want some books?

Hats! Yep, my hat collection was in there, too. The straw hats made it pretty well undamaged. Haven't gotten to the other vintage ones. But I did find some melted-edge photos of the Hat Party. Remember that, old friends? The day after that party, I found hats everywhere! On the porch, in the tub, inside the washing machine. What were you people thinking?

Saturday, May 20, 2006 -- The Theater
Sonia ended up with tickets to the theater from her work and invited me to join her. It was exciting to go to the city and the seats were fantastic! The musical, 110 In The Shade, was lively and will be on Broadway next year. I got to see it here first. The best part of the evening, though, was to get to spend some time with Sonia and get caught up. She is a remarkable woman.

After we left the theater, we walked several downtown city blocks and she showed me where she worked. She works on the 47th floor. Although her space is actually one of many cubicles, she showed me the view from the conference room. Fantastic nighttime view of Houston. She says her co-workers are always getting on the internet to check the traffic news. She just goes to the window in the conference room -- old school. If the freeway's backed up, no need to leave for a while.

Sonia in her cubicle

Me feeling patriotic in the lobby

Friday, May 19, 2006 -- Sushi
After work today, I went out to eat with Reiko. She is so funny. Very smart and laughs easily. I tried sushi. It was okay, but I'm glad the buffet offered other options. I think I'll have to try it a few more times to see if it grows on me.


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