Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Ate Tuna Fish

In my update for last Friday, May 5th, I had intended to add that I ate tuna fish for the first time in seven months. Gene was eating lots of tuna fish in the weeks before he died. Was he thinking that his health was poor and he needed to eat more fish? We had tons from that and having stocked up on food not requiring cooking for Hurricane Rita, the Widow-maker. But anyway -- I just couldn't bring myself to eat any of it. So Friday, I was home and needed lunch, there was the tuna and I had stuff to go with it, so I sucked it up and told myself it was time to starting eating tuna fish again -- it tasted pretty dang good, too.

Also, I had intended to mention that commercial they're playing a lot now with the elephant that is dancing around in the jungle to "Singing in the Rain". It's a GE commercial. Know which one I mean? Everytime I see that commercial, I think about one day when it came on not long before Gene died. He was smiling and asked me if I'd seen it yet. He thought it was a pretty good one and liked it. So when you see that commercial, just remember that if I'm seeing it, too, I am also hearing Gene's voice saying, "Have you seen this one yet?" Sigh


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